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My name is Linda Fisher, and the idea for my Gift Baskets came to me after undergoing a double mastectomy in January 2003.

Wings of Angels ( has beautifully designed baskets for the recovering breast cancer surgery patient -- easing discomfort and to help calm the spirit, relieve stress and anxiety.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What can I expect Post-Operatively? What about Sleeping Arrangements?

With my upcoming surgery, I've been thinking about what I learned from the last time! Here were my thoughts on sleeping arrangements right after surgery:

With so many muscles being cut in surgery, adjusting and lifting my torso out of a bed was excruciating in the beginning. So, a recliner was invaluable. It's no wonder so many hospital rooms have recliner type chairs next to the bed. Try to have one at home, as well!

In bed, positioning pillows (lots of them) allows you to sleep propped up. Even so, getting out of bed was an experience I wish I could have saved myself from. I was grateful to have my husband there to assist me. Be sure to have someone there to assist you.

Have a small table at your bedside and chair side to hold the items that you think you will need throughout the day and night. Remember, convenience is everything! Consider setting up these areas prior to surgery.



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