Wings of Angels

My name is Linda Fisher, and the idea for my Gift Baskets came to me after undergoing a double mastectomy in January 2003.

Wings of Angels ( has beautifully designed baskets for the recovering breast cancer surgery patient -- easing discomfort and to help calm the spirit, relieve stress and anxiety.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Re-doing my medium size basket - the Comfort Basket

Comfort Basket
On the Wings of Angels website, the medium size breast surgery gift basket is the "Comfort Basket".  But I can't get the shawls anymore!  So, now the basket contents need re-thought.  In the meantime, I put a "Temporarily Sold Out" sign on the basket in the website...until I figure out what to do.  Yikes!

The WGAL story brought new folks to the website.  Jere Gish and his crew did a great job, didn't they? 

And my breast surgery recovery continues to go well.

So life is good.  :-) 



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  1. I think a similar replacement for the shawl would be best. Seems very comforting to wrap up and stay warm and cozy.